As I sit in my room, covered in the color of darkness and light, I begin to hear a sound of silence. It is not the sound you hear when you breath for the first or for the last time, nor is it the sound you hear when you are all alone with no living or dead being by your side. It is not even the sound you hear when time stoops for your beloved touch. You might be wondering why those are not the sounds of silence that is spoken off, the reason for that my child is that even when you are all alone, and can not hear, see or feel any creature, flame or thought, you can hear your very own heartbeat an that is in itself an unaccompanied orchestral.  So what is the sound that I speak of, well that is the most frighting thing of them all.


It is the reason you turn on your television, at night when no soul or being is by your side. It is the reason you are constantly on your phone, watching humans miles a way play a staccato note that makes us forget, for a minute, our very own silence. The sound is the reason you fall asleep at night. It is what makes us as living and dead beings, climb on the world´s highest mountain and fly into the air with only a little pice of protection. It´s the reasons everything is close to something. It is such a frighting and beautiful thing. It makes us believe we can do anything at all, even gain power from praying to the extent of a God. It makes us kill our self and other only because we want a break from the sound´s brightness. The sound is what puts us free and what that imprison us. It is time itself. What a wonderful and deadly thing it is.

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18, Ørsta

Jeg er en person som har nå lyst å bli åpne om mine meninger, mine følelser og tanker. Jeg er lei av hvordan noen mener man skal være for å få en god utvikling, for å få et godt liv. Jeg vil finne mitt eget svar og min egen beskrivelse. Dette mener jeg at du også burde lære deg, kansje du finner det i denne bloggen, kansje ikke, Min beskrivelse av meg er at jeg er meg til jeg har funnet et annet svar.